Live Loud - First Listen

Here is the final track for the new EP. This is a song called "Live Loud". This was another song that I wrote after I wad funded for this project. I mentioned in a previous post how I came up with the song on a keyboard in garageband on my ipad. I'll have to put up a comparison of the original idea to the final product so you can see how it came to life. 

For the lyrics, this is the first song I've really where you might say I am making a statement. I didn't set out for that to be the case but as I was singing along trying to find words the line "Why let someone stop you, from being who you are" came out. That got me thinking about a lot of the things going on in society, especially with the recent election and how people are treating each other, how people of different races, religions and sexual preferences are treated. I thought about all the stories I read where people are bullied because of this and other things. There seems to always be so much negativity that I want to make sure that my music have positive messages in them. So I decided to write a song reminding anyone who's going through a tough time (for any reason) that there is always hope and to never give up. 

I'm really happy with how this turned out. Lee Levin killed the drums and Seth, John and Anthony did a great job on the horns. The horn lines in this song might be some of my favorite that I've had recorded to any of my songs. 

And of course, this song and all the others wouldn't be possible without the amazing Zach Ziskin. He's able to take the rough versions of these songs that I write and flesh them out to make them sound incredible. 

Hope you enjoy!