Dad Life - First Listen - 1.25.17

Hey Everyone

Zach just sent me the second song from the new EP and I figured I would just put it out there for you all to listen to.

This is a song called Dad Life. This is a song I've had the music written for, since about the same time I wrote Part Time Rock Star (which I had written a long time before I started this Palisades Drive project). I had never really been happy with a chorus melody and so I never really got around to finishing it. When I sent Zach the batch of songs and song ideas to choose from for this idea, I really didn't think this one would make it, (there was another song called "What If" that was more polished and finished I thought he would choose) but he felt this one was better. 

So then I started working on revising and refining the melody and I came up with 4 or 5 melody ideas and then we settled on the one you are hearing. Then I added the bridge and as I was finishing the song there is that breakdown, I thought what if when the band kicks in we do a key change (something I've never done before in a song) and then Zach came back and said, "Wy don't we do it even earlier in the song?" I'm glad we did that, adds a nice dynamic to the song and gives a nice springboard to the horn breakdown.

The horns are back all over this one, similar to Part Time Rock Star. Anthony, John and Seth did a great job knocking this one down and I love their little feature. 

As for the lyrics, I struggled with this one as well and I had this idea to write a song about how I am "All about that Dad life". I was listening to the acoustic only track and just started singing some of the words and basically the whole first verse just came out. I wasn't sure if I should go in that direction but I played the first half for my family and Gia loved it so I decided to finish it. Hopefully people will enjoy the humor I tried to interject into it. 

Hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think. One more to go!

- Jesse