Album Release Date - 1.25.19

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence, but haven’t really had anything new to share on the Behind the Scenes page. But that changes today!

I am going to announce this next week to the public but thought I’d share with you all now. Thew album will officially be released on Friday March 1st on iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc. You can see the front and back cover of the album below.

When I announce the album next week it will be available for pre order on iTunes, but if you have access to this site it’s because you already pre ordered it on iTunes (thanks again for doing that). SO, for all you lovely KS backers, you guys will be able to download the album NEXT FRIDAY!

Hopefully that’s some small good news for your weekend!

Excited to see what you all think after you’ve listened to the songs several times.

Talk soon!