Very excited to announce that I will be opening for Emerson Hart (lead singer of Tonic) at the Broward Center in Ft. Lauderdale on Friday March 23rd. The show starts at 8pm and both Emerson and I will be playing solo acoustic shows. Emerson is one of my favorite songwriters so this is a show you don't want to miss. CLICK HERE for details. 



Check out the link below to watch the lyric video for "Hey Girl". Hope you enjoy it! 

- Jesse


Hey folks. Sorry for the radio silence. But Zach and I have been working on a new track and I am happy to share the album artwork for my new single called "Hey Girl". In writing this song I didn't think that it fit with the Palisades Drive sound, it sounded a little bit like my older stuff but with a current country spin so I decided to go that direction and put it out under my name this time around.

I am really excited about this track so stay tuned as it's coming soon. In the meantime you can check out this short little tease. 


Can't wait for you all to hear this song. 

- Jesse



So I haven't been good about posting here because I've been tied up with all things Palisades Drive and finishing up the Kickstarter but today is album release day. So happy to have the new EP out in the wild. If you somehow missed it, you can check out all the tunes at the link below. Hope you enjoy and please spread the word to anyone you think may like it.


Also, new dates on the shows page. Some exciting news there, I will be playing the Hyatt in Delray every week for the rest of the year starting in April. So if you're in Delray, stop by and say hello. 


What's happening? If you haven't been following me on Twitter or FB, you may have missed the news that I am doing a Kickstarter for Palisades Drive. I am looking to record 3 more songs and release an EP sometime next year. So give it a listen and I hope you'll come along for the ride. I think I've got 3 more great tunes and I know Zach will knock them out of the park. Can't wait to get started. 



Hey Everyone. I just posted the new song for Palisades Drive called "Got Me That Way". Give it a listen and hope you enjoy!


Also, some new dates are posted so if you're in the area come by and say hello!



Hey Everyone. Sorry for the silence, but I've been working on a new project. If you've heard me talk on Twitter or Facebook, I recorded a new song and decided to release it under a new band name called PALISADES DRIVE. You can check out the lyric video for the first single called "Part Time Rock Star" below. Hope you enjoy. I did this all myself, using Legos and stop motion.




Pretty excited today to announce I'll be opening for Pat McGee at the Broward Center on Sun Jan 31st. I started listening to the Pat McGee Band probably around 1999 and even flew to North Carolina to catch a show before they released their major lable debut Shine in 2000, because I wanted to hear all the new songs before my buddies in MI. 

I did play with Pat when we did the show together at Germain Arena with Sister Hazel and O.A.R. a few years back, but really looking forward to this one. 

I'll have the incredible Anthony Church on sax with me, so don't miss it! For more info, see the show page!




One of the rewards if you back the new Kickstarter is an exclusive T-Shirt. I wanted to share the first initial designs that have been done. While these are not final and I am still working out the details on how many designs I'll be able to offer, I thought you guys might enjoy giving these a look. 

If you want to get a T-Shirt, back the Kickstarter at the link below. 





Today I am launching another Kickstarter to record some more tunes. The goal is to raise enough to record 6 new songs. When I release the new album I'll include the 4 from Live.Love.Learn. so we have a full length album. I'd like to start recording by the end of the year to have this album out by the spring or summer of 2016. Please spread the word, we'll need as many people on board as possible. See the link below to donate. Thanks in advance for your help!




The site is back. Long story but basically I lost my domain for a couple of years and couldn't get access to it. However I finally got it back so I am happy to have my site back again. I'll be posting new info as it comes up, so stayed tuned.